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$62,355 MSRP

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A masterpiece of indulgence, the CT6 seamlessly blends artful design, intuitive technology, and impeccable performance. The CT6 offers a stunning silhouette with a sleek and refined body. It welcomes you upon your approach by subtly illuminating the headlamps, outside mirrors, and door handles. In this instance, it is perfectly ok to follow the light! The vertical LED lighting, that is uniquely Cadillac, brilliantly owns the road and refuses to blend. You will make a statement wherever you go with 10 exterior colours to choose from. Inside the impeccable designed cabin you will be amazed at the degree of sophistication. Every detail has been meticulously placed to provide passengers with an enriched driving experience. With generous legroom and deep cushioned seating no drive will ever be too long. Truly a work of art, the CT6 delivers the most luxurious Cadillac experience EVER.

Enhanced Performance
As they say, looks aren’t everything. True beauty lies within; and under the hood the engine is stunning. The engineering wizards at Cadillac went to work and created a masterpiece of prowess, agility, and precision. The Cadillac exclusive 3.0 L Twin Turbo V6 engine delivers 404 HP and 400 lbs.-ft. of torque, which is the first ever V6 twin turbo to feature active fuel management. Matched with an 8 speed automatic transmission and start/stop technology, the CT6 delivers increased fuel efficiency without compromising power. The availability of all-wheel drive, succinctly blends performance and efficiency. By enhancing your traction, this option ensures increased stability and confidence when road conditions become unpredictable. You may choose to enhance performance further with the active chassis package. This option includes AWD with 4-wheel steering, three performance modes (tour, sport, and snow/ice), magnetic ride control, and 20 inch wheels that are independently monitored to adjust to the road every millisecond. However you choose to configure your CT6 you can be guaranteed that power and performance go hand-in-hand and are never compromised.

Go Platinum
Enjoy endless luxury by choosing the CT6 Platinum edition. Offering unrivaled pleasure, the CT6 was handcrafted to meet all of your individual preferences. Passengers have the ability to adjust every seat angle with reclining rear seats, tilting cushions, and power lumbar; individual comfort is the ultimate priority of the CT6. Every ride will feel like a day at the spa with heated seats providing full body warmth, ventilated seats, quad zone climate control, and armrest integrated USB and HDMI ports. With 34 strategically placed Bose Panaray speakers, you are enveloped by your own musical theatre. Passengers choose their own viewing pleasure with individual 10 inch DVD screens that conveniently retract into the front seatbacks. Perhaps the most ingenious addition to the Platinum edition is massage seating with 15 unique settings! No feature has been overlooked, no comfort has been forgotten, and every detail has been handcrafted for your pleasure. One could suggest that the CT6 Platinum even rivals the coolest of vehicles…the Bat Mobile! With advanced safety features, innovative technology, and twin turbo power Bruce Wayne himself would be intrigued and tempted by the Cadillac CT6 Platinum.

Safety that Surrounds You
The CT6 literally envelops you with the most advanced safety technology available. In addition to the signature safety features on other Cadillacs, the CT6 offers leading edge technology to ensure your protection. With 7 exterior cameras the CT6 allows you to constantly monitor your immediate surroundings. Surround vision offers a bird’s eye view of your vehicle so you can be aware of potential obstacles and adjust accordingly. Not only does this feature assist with blind spots, it also automatically records video in the event your vehicle comes into contact with something. Similarly, Front Pedestrian Braking monitors the road ahead for pedestrian traffic and will initiate braking if necessary. The ingenious addition of a Night Vision System uses thermal technology to detect people or animals that are in your way. Potential obstacles are conveniently displayed on an in-dash screen. The CT6 offers an industry first security triggered video recording. By providing a 360 degree camera system that automatically engages when your vehicle alarm is activated, you will have peace of mind while you are away from your CT6.

Ingenious Technology
There is an endless list of innovative technology that is effortlessly integrated into the CT6. Offering several features to both inform and entertain, this luxury sedan is very much in tune with all of your needs. Cadillac User Experience (CUE) will simplify your connection to the world around you by providing access to navigation, traffic, weather, music, and all your contacts. The signature CUE infotainment has been further enhanced, allowing for quick and responsive commands. Displayed on a 10 inch LCD screen, all of your information is easily accessible. The CT6 is first in its class to offer Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, allowing you to interact with your screen much like you would with other Apple products. By bringing your Apps to life in your vehicle you literally have all the information you need at your fingertips. With OnStar’s 4G LTE WI-FI you have your own mobile hotspot so you can remain connected, stream video, and stay up to date on all your travels.

The technology is not only limited to the front of the vehicle, but offers several options to rear passengers as well. The rear DVD system provide endless hours of entertainment on 10 inch HD screens that can be adjusted to individual preference. Wireless charging keeps everyone happy with available stations to re-charge your battery while driving. Offering technology not only to entertain but to protect, the CT6 includes Auto Vehicle Hold. This feature engages when forward or backward movement is detected in the event your foot eases off the brake.

Dare to be Different
The first-ever CT6 has revolutionized the world of luxury sedans. Taking Cadillac to a whole new level of luxury, performance, and excellence. You can take pride in ownership knowing you belong to a prestigious group of CT6 owners. With a sleek and sultry exterior, bold road presence, ingenious technology, and enchanting comfort, the CT6 will propel you into the next generation of luxury sedans. So go ahead and dare to be different, dare to be bold, and choose to be utterly pampered!