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Refuse to Compromise
Introducing Cadillac’s all-new luxury crossover SUV that offers style, agility, and performance. The XT5 blends classic beauty with luxury like an artist blends colour and texture. Sculpted with an eye for style on the outside and functional elegance on the inside, the XT5 ensures there’s no need for compromise. When you slide behind the wheel of the 2019 XT5 you will feel the need to embark on a long road trip and never look back.

The interior was thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of your life. With well-placed storage options, foldable rear seats (remote controlled), and a discreet cargo management system in the rear. XT5 offers comfortable seating for five, with considerable remaining space for all your favourite belongings. XT5 offers class-leading legroom thanks to adjustable rear sliding seats. You will sink into supple leather seating that will make all your friends beg to be passengers. Cadillac personalizes your driving experience with inventive features including memory seat settings, power adjustable pedals, heated seat settings, and even a programmable lift gate that can be activated by remote or foot..

Connectivity with No Limits
Cadillac User Experience is an intuitive technology that simplifies your connection to your life! CUE seamlessly integrates with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto enabling you to access contacts, weather, navigation, traffic updates, and your smartphone all without taking your hands off the wheel. It makes those traffic jams a little less painful with the ability to stream your music and listen to your favourite playlist. You will stay safely connected with family and friends while accessing your phone through voice recognition technology. The availability of OnStar’s 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot makes your connectivity go further, where you go it goes! Forget about stopping to find an internet connection, and focus on enjoying your drive. With the ability to connect up to 7 devices, neither you nor your passengers will miss out on life while on the road.

Keenly Integrated Technology

XT5 offers a generous array of features that are designed to make your everyday driving easier and more accommodating. XT5 makes every effort to take your fuel savings further with both active fuel management and stop/start technology. Active fuel management will temporarily shut off two cylinders when driving conditions allow, in order to maximize fuel efficiency. It then re-engages those cylinders when you require the power of all 6 cylinders. Similarly, stop/start technology enhances fuel efficiency by actually turning off your engine when you are idling, then seamlessly starts the engine when you engage the accelerator. Both of these technologies are so subtly integrated in the XT5 that you will barely notice them occurring. You will however notice your fuel savings at the pump.

XT5 makes switching gears seamless with its electronic precision shift, taking you from park to drive in one smooth motion. Surround vision provides you with a bird’s eye view of your vehicle exponentially increasing your visibility. Whether in drive or reverse the world around you comes to life on your CUE screen, giving you an enhanced perspective of potential obstacles.

Unparalleled Performance
XT5 encapsulates power with a new 3.6 L direct-injected V6 engine that offers an impressive 310 HP and performs effortlessly with an 8 speed automatic transmission. Designed to give you a dynamic and responsive driving experience the XT5 offers superior handling and effortless acceleration that will impress you. You will be in control of your journey with driver select ride mode which allows you to choose between three driving experiences. Touring mode for your daily commute. Snow/AWD mode for controlled handling when road conditions are severe. Sport mode for when you crave a more engaging driving experience. Available in both front-wheel and all-wheel drive with twin-clutch, the XT5 inspires driver confidence and capability.

Sophisticated Safety
The XT5 was engineered to enhance your safety without you even noticing. Surrounded by 5-Star safety and an array of sensors that are designed to be not just reactive but proactive. Advanced safety features protect you from all angles with front/rear park assist, side blind zone alert, forward collision alert, a safety alert seat, lane departure warning, rear cross traffic alert, and a rear vision camera. For enhanced visibility the XT5 is equipped with an ingenious rear camera mirror that displays a live video feed through your rear view mirror. This feature provides 300 percent more vision than a traditional rear view mirror. As an added comfort all of these sophisticated technologies are reinforced by a high-strength steel cage that means business.

Luxury Awaits You.
The all-new XT5 is magnificently magnetic! It offers you all the comforts of a luxury vehicle blended with exceptional versatility and classic beauty. Whether it’s cruising down the 401 or parked at the Oshawa Centre, the XT5 makes a bold statement everywhere it goes. What statement do you want to make?
Lease the XT5 Luxury model for just $265 Bi-Weekly for 48 months. Whether you purchase or lease the 2018 XT5 you are stepping into luxury that you work hard for, so why not indulge yourself? You deserve it.