The Cadillac Experience


Owning a Cadillac. It’s an experience unlike any other. Get unparalleled protection and service with Cadillac Owner Benefits. Have all the information you need about your vehicle right at your fingertips with the myCadillac App. Enjoy the invigorating luxury experience of Cadillac—precise performance, fine craftsmanship and devastatingly gorgeous design.

At OMS Cadillac, we believe our owners deserve it all. That's why every new vehicle we sell is backed by the most comprehensive suite of owner benefits offered by any luxury brand in the world. From innovations like Remote Vehicle Diagnostics to our Premium Care Maintenance program, Cadillac Owner Benefits gives luxury owners everything they need.


Connect and stay connected. Cadillac User Experience gives you access to weather, navigation and traffic updates. Connected to your music, CUE keep you connected hands-free so you can focus on driving. Compatible with voice-recognition technology, you have the ability to connect with friends and family without having to take your hands off the steering wheel. Your car will act as a Hot Spot with available OnStar 4G LTE Wifi. Stay Connected and Stay Safe with Cadillac User Experience.


Unlock your vehicle’s full potential with the MyCadillac App. The customizable app allows you to view diagnostic information, send remote commands, manage your Wi-Fi hotspot and data, locate a nearby Cadillac dealer, schedule service appointments, send destinations to your navigation system and more with just a touch.


Premium Care Maintenance

The Cadillac Premium Care Maintenance program covers routine oil changes, tire rotations, certain air filter replacements and a thorough multipoint vehicle inspection for 4 years or 80,000 kilometres.

Warranty Protection

The Cadillac 6-year or 110,000-kilometre Powertrain Component Limited Warranty offers more years and kilometres standard than BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi. In addition, our 4-year or 80,000-kilometre New Vehicle Limited Warranty covers most repairs on your vehicle, including parts and labour, to correct any concerns in materials or workmanship.

Roadside Assistance

Cadillac offers more years of standard Roadside Assistance than any leading luxury automaker, with services for 6 years or 110,000 kilometres — the same years and kilometres you’ll enjoy with our Powertrain Component Limited Warranty. This 24/7 program provides lock-out, towing and refuelling services and more.

The OMS Concierge Service

This program ensures you can always get to where you need to be! Take advantage of our absolutely free shuttle service or a complimentary Cadillac to drive while we've got yours in service.

Emergency by OnStar

With Automatic Crash Response, in a crash, built-in sensors can automatically alert a specially trained OnStar Advisor who is immediately connected into your Cadillac to see if you need help sent to your exact location. Other OnStar emergency services include Injury Severity Prediction and First Assist, which ensure you quickly get the help you need when seconds matter most.

Security by OnStar

If you’ve reported your Cadillac stolen, OnStar can use GPS technology to help authorities quickly locate and recover it. An OnStar Advisor can further assist authorities by sending a remote signal to activate Stolen Vehicle Slowdown,® which can gradually slow the vehicle to a stop to aid in its recovery. Advisors can also enable a Remote Ignition Block, making it impossible to restart a stolen vehicle once it has been turned off.

Navigation By OnStar

Just push the blue OnStar button, and an Advisor can download turn-by-turn directions to your Cadillac. A voice will then call out every turn, or the directions will be sent to your navigation system, if equipped.

Diagnostics By OnStar

With the most comprehensive vehicle diagnostics4 from OnStar, maintaining your Cadillac can be as simple as checking your email or your OnStar RemoteLink mobile app. Every month, you can receive an email with the status of key operating systems, or push your blue OnStar button for a real-time diagnostics check on demand.